Riporto di seguito lo scambio di mail che ho avuto, quando mi è venuta l’idea di adoperarmi per la diffusione della conoscenza della Terapia del Letto Inclinato, con la persona che ha il grande merito di aver intuito i benefici che possono essere ottenuti dormendo in un letto opportunamente inclinato.

Una persona veramente squisita, oltre che geniale.

Good morning Mr. Fletcher, my name is Roberto Guerrini, I live in Pisa (Italy), I am 58 years old and some years ago I inclined my bed, as per your instructions. Before inclining the bed my heartbeat was always accelerated, I always suffered a lot the heat and, often, I had heavy and swollen legs. The improvement in the quality of life has been truly remarkable. Since the beginning of this year I have more free time and I intend to create a blog, in Italian, to promote and share simple solutions and natural remedies that allow everyone to live better. It will be a non-profit initiative, purely amateur, I have always been passionate and I make extensive use of solutions and natural remedies. I will carry on the project without haste, in the coming months, I do it for pure pleasure. The first topic I’m going to illustrate is tle Inclined Bed Therapy because, in its simplicity, it is of exceptional utility. A generalized diffusion would bring enormous benefits, it could make everyone feel much better and save a lot of money for the national health services. As you know very well nobody is interested in this happening because there is no profit and, on the contrary, many would lose a lot of money, starting from the powerful pharmaceutical companies. Anyway, without a hurry, a contribution I will try to give it. If you want I will keep you informed. Meanwhile, thank you for your fantastic invention that I and all my family members are using with great satisfaction.

Best regards
Roberto Guerrini

Questa è la sua risposta:

Thanks for getting in touch Roberto.
Great to hear you are finding it helpful and willing to share it. Please feel free to use information and photographs from my site. There is also a translate function on the front page. Please ask those using it to provide a testimonial on my site.
This will aid a lot more people to decide to give it a try.

Kind regards

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